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Last Sunday

by on February 21, 2012

Another dozen or so visitors for lunch last Sunday. Including two Vietnamese families, four Koreans, and a Chinese woman. It was Asian week – apparently! On top of our guys that made nearly thirty for lunch.

We kind of ran out of food!

Where do they all come from???

We’re all finding it hard to get out and visit on Sundays, lately, so many neighbours have been coming to our place. It’s hard to know how to feel about that…


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  1. Grace yi permalink

    What a great problem to have!

  2. Grace yi permalink

    I finally figured out how to leave a comment – woohoo! Let the unabated virtual banter begin, you’ve been lamenting the dead silence in response to your posts? Fear no more… I finally figured this baby out!

  3. Charles Ellis permalink

    They’re all crawling out in to the light – it’s so bright at the Howes’ House!

  4. carla permalink

    Wow I think it is fantastic they are coming to you !!! They are seeking and they know in their heart you have a safe place for them to visit and give them the time. 30 yrs ago it was common practice for people to come home to other peoples places for lunch after church and continue in fellowship, so this is a new take on that old school practice? Word does gt around about you guys and your open heart/home/kitchen and that is an unbelievable witness for Jesus in itself. Kind of like the Lord is giving you rest while you serve 🙂 Praying for you all and I am so blessed to watch from afar how this ministry is growing so rapidly.

    Carla Morris

    • Thanks Carla! We very much value your partnership in the gospel.

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