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Getting the singing legal

by on February 24, 2012

After quite a few hours of work, Veronica and I have produced a legal song-words folder for Canterbury Community Church. This involved:

  • navigating our way around the CCLI site
  • discovering the church’s number
  • setting up a CCLI/song select account
  • downloading words from song select
  • downloading music from songselect
  • downloading music and words from emu music and afes.
  • locating CDs of the various kids songs we wanted, that weren’t on any website
  • Attaching the various numbers (CCLI, song select) and copyright info to each and every song in the folder.
  • Formatting
  • Printing multiple copies for our congregation.

We’ve started with just 23 songs, to make it manageable.

It wasn’t easy!

But we now believe we are legal. Yay. I like the thought that the right people are getting paid something for their songs.

But it all took us a lot of hours. Veronica did most of the hard yards. I probably wouldn’t have got there without her. I wonder how many small churches have the manpower to do all this?

AND we’re still unclear as to what reporting is required, having been given conflicting advice from different authorities!

Bring back hymn-books, I say!  🙂

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