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Canterbury Church preaches a load of rubbish

by on February 28, 2012

This Sunday is Clean Up Australia Day. Like in so many other things, there was nothing happening in Canterbury. At least, there wasn’t last year, and when we checked up, nothing was planned for this year either.

So we’re running a clean up event on Sunday morning down at the Cooks River near Canterbury Station. In fact, it’s based at St Mary McKillop Park! We’re inviting all our friends in Canterbury to come and take part. Should be a fun day!

Why are we spending our main mission day doing this? A few simple reasons:

  • Mainly because we love Canterbury and the people of Canterbury and want a chance to serve them
  • Clean Up Australia is a very clear and simple way to express that love – that’s a good thing!
  • Also, we’re hoping to have some good bonding time with friends and neighbours over a garbage bag.

A more theological answer to why we’re doing this is that we want to preach the gospel of Jesus, and Clean Up Australia Day gives us a special opportunity to express an aspect of the gospel that is harder to get across: God’s investment in his creation. God’s purpose for his polluted world is not destruction but healing, restoration, transformation. Just like with Jesus’ body in the tomb. God has confirmed his commitment to the creation twice over, once in sending his Son into human flesh, and again in renewing and restoring that flesh into Spirit-filled life, when he raised Jesus. Jesus’ resurrection means the creation has a future, and that future is redemption.

Our Clean Up Australia event won’t do very much to heal the creation – but it’s a little gesture, a little signpost pointing to the future we look forward to in Jesus. It’s one way to preach the gospel – to ourselves and to our neighbours.

I can’t wait!

Please pray that people will come and get involved.

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