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Our Weekend Away

by on March 2, 2012
Hooray! It’s the beach!
Relaxing together

Last weekend was our annual team weekend away. We went down to a big house at Callala Bay, and had a weekend of friendship, team-building, bible discussion, church-talk, mission-talk and vision-setting. It was great!

Highlights for me were:

Strengthening our connections!

1. The cost: $10 each for the weekend!

2. Talking and thinking together about unity and diversity in the church, from Ephesians 4. Each made a list of ways we felt different from the rest of the team, and ways we felt the same. Then we wrote GOOD over each list. Also learned a bit of family systems thinking, which proved quite helpful.

3. We tried applying family systems thinking to our mission work in Canterbury: that was quite confronting! Helped clarify what we are on about. Interesting reactions to this from the team, varying from ‘Wow, that’s different from what I’ve been taught elsewhere’ to ‘Isn’t that just what we’ve been saying all along?’

4. Saturday arvo at the beach. Beautiful weather. Kites. Jogs. Lounging around in and out of the warm water. Perfect.

The next plant – strategic map

5. Saturday night was a highlight: we spent the evening talking about CHURCH PLANT NO.2. That was pretty exciting – it’s our first dedicated team discussion of that subject – it all feels more real now. We mooted a few possible locations (all in the Georges River region, of course), talked about timing (maybe kickoff in around 2 years’ time), and identified needs and obstacles.

Our biggest obstacle is simple: leaders. We haven’t been able to interest anyone in getting involved in this sort of missional church as leaders. Not for lack of trying! We’ve repeatedly visited the colleges (especially Moore), but with no success. If we don’t find leaders, we can’t plant churches. So that’s an issue to be tackled.

It was a great weekend. I feel like we’re better unified and better geared up for a year of mission in Canterbury, after the weekend away. Praise God!

outreach as a family system – messy!

PRAYER NEED: Arising from the weekend, could I ask you to pray for this leadership need? If we gained two extra leaders tomorrow, we could probably plant within 18 months. This region is crying out for gospel ministry, if only the Spirit will work in hearts and convict evangelical leader-types that they need to come and serve here.

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  1. carla permalink

    Thank you for this update, sounds like a fun and spiritually profitable time was had by all. Definately praying for the Lord to send you more leaders for your growth and New Church Plant.

    Carla Morris

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