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Mud wrestling in Canterbury

by on March 6, 2012


The rain stopped. The clouds thinned. The Cooks river was at low tide, and beautifully stinky. The troops mustered in Mary McKillop park. We prayed together. It was time to purify our local saint.


Gloves on, gumboots applied, we climbed the fence and descended to the mudflats. Mangroves, gnarled and twisted, gave us lovely shade cover, and kept us hunched over, crawling among the low branches. The mudflat was a stinking horror of plastic rubbish.

We worked there all morning. Gradually a handful of neighbours and school friends joined us. Friendships were strengthened as we worked together in the stinky mud. There’s something about the dark quiet stench of the flats that brings out the secret things of the heart – many good chats were had through the morning.


nice legs!

We sighted an eel, and unearthed an interesting ceramic head, which we thought might have been there since ancient times. I was showing it to some of the local kids who were with us, when their mum pointed out that it was a bong. Oops! Still, we cleaned him up and introduced him to the team.

By 12.30 had around 35 sacks full. And one clean stretch of mudflat. We went home soiled, sore of back, but joyful, having enjoyed doing something positive for and with Canterbury. The kingdom of God arrives in all sorts of different ways, you know!

The finished product!

The bong

Bong joins the Clean Up Australia team

You'll need gumboots too!

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