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Meet the Team – 12

by on March 13, 2012

We’re pleased to introduce to you our newest team member: Jen. Jen has had a bit of involvement with us over the past year, and has now taken the plunge and joined the Canterbury Team. Nice to have you here at the blog, Jen, tell us about yourself.

My father is a Malaysian, of Chinese descent and my mother is an Australian Born Chinese. I, unfortunately, do not speak another language apart from English. Although I went to Bangladesh on a short term mission recently,  so I know a little Bangla!

I have 2 brothers, both married. I have 2 nephews and 1 niece. One of my brothers lives overseas.

I love to travel. Seeing other places and people shapes my thinking and blows away any preconceptions or prejudices I might have about them.

I also love dancing. I grew up with jazz ballet, but later got into aerobics. I was an instructor for an “aerobic dancing” program for about 3 years. I even ran a small “aerobic dancing” business. Though work has crowded this out, I do miss dancing and hope to get back into it one day.

Since going travelling in China last year, I have discovered photography and am looking forward to being able to take lots of photos in Canterbury.

How did you come to know Christ?

One of my brothers met a girl who is a Christian. He turned to Jesus himself and subsequently married her. They had invited me to church where I continued in learning more about Jesus. It was in a Bible-study group that I finally understood God’s gift of grace (from Ephesians 2:8) – and recognised that I needed Jesus! How could I not accept this wonderful gift?

Why did you want to come to Canterbury Community Church?

I had become a bit comfortable & not really growing in Christ.  Then our student minister at my church, Christian, told us he was going to a church-plant in Canterbury.  After finding out more I felt its vision was gospel-centred and that people were friendly. Being a missional church, it challenged me to think about how I can best serve Jesus with the gifts He has given me. At the same time I was praying about opportunities to share Jesus with my non Christian parents, who live nearby. It’s exciting to know that God hears prayers & I look forward to spending more time with the team and our friends in Canterbury.

It’s great to have you with us Jen. Love those photos! We have discovered that Jen has a real heart for mission, i.e. for people! She always seeks to be a blessing and point people to Jesus. We look forward to all that the Lord will do through you as you fellowship with us in mission here. Welcome to the team, Jen!

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