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Who was that guy again – the one they released?

by on March 17, 2012

Scripture class. I’d told the story of Pilate releasing Barabbas and condemning Jesus.

Why did the crowd want Jesus dead? The priests stirred them up, the kids answered.

What did Jesus do in this story? Nothing, he just let it happen – crazy! they said.

Christian worked with them on Action, Feeling, Speak – our technique for storytelling.

Then the kids worked on their own sections of the Easter story. At the end  two of the kids had theirs ready to go. We all watched Peter denying Jesus. “I DO NOT KNOW THE MAN!” they yelled, in unison, waving their arms in the air wildly.

After the class, as Christian and I were packing up, one of the boys came back, stuck his head in the door, and asked, “Who was that guy again – the one they released?” Barabbas, we told him. “Oh yeah, Barabbas“, he said, and he was gone again.

It left me thinking, how often does a boy come back to check a detail of the Scripture lesson? 

The point: not that we’re great Scripture teachers. Far from it!

The point is, I think, the power of dramatic story-telling to engage kids. They just can’t resist it.

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