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Neighbour Day

by on March 19, 2012

This Sunday is Neighbour Day (did you know?). Last year we ran a street party, people liked it, so we’re doing one again this year. This time inviting everyone from the streets bordering the park a few doors down from us. It could be big!

We’ve invited friends personally, letter-box dropped everyone else, and tried to get neighbours involved in helping out. Expecting somewhere between 50 and 500 people!

There’s going to be a free BBQ, and free coffee courtesy of Grimac and our barista Nicole. There’ll  be balloon animals and maybe even face-painting. We’ve booked a jumping castle from our friend Syd on the next street – they come to our Playtime Cafe. He said to us, ‘Anything I can do for yous guys, just let me know how I  can help.’

Any keen face-painters out there who’d like to help out, Sunday arvo?

Please pray that we would have good weather and make good friendships.


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  1. Digger permalink

    Two points (and please forgive me if you’d done this but I missed it):

    Firstly, can you please post about these sorts of things further out / give more notice. Neighbour Day sounds great, and a real opportunity missed for us! (I’m involved in a church plant in Qld, and this would have been a golden opportunity if I’d heard about it before today, Monday 19 March).

    Also, is there some government website you subscribe to where they tell you about all these upcoming things / ‘days’?

    Cheers, and we’ll be praying for you for this Sunday.

    • Sorry Pete!

      Neighbour Day is held on the last Sunday in March every year. The website is

      There’s always next year!

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