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Preach the gospel always – use mowers when necessary…

by on March 24, 2012

“The harvest is plentiful, but the mowers are few.”  Two to be exact. We preached the gospel at the corner park this morning, with two mowers.

The park where we’re holding our Neighbour Day street party has not been mowed for weeks – too wet and boggy for the machine, apparently.

So Michael and I went up with mowers this morning and mowed the thing ourselves. We borrowed a mower from a neighbour, and went to it. It felt good to be mowing for Jesus. It felt good to be serving the community and making things ready for a great neighbourhood party.

Were we really preaching the gospel? In a way, yes. It will help people realise that we think this get-together is important. That we think knowing each other and being a community is important. That we think they are important. That’s a step toward them realising that to Jesus parties are very important, that he’s gathering all people to share with him at his party. When we mow the park in the name of Jesus, we’re kind of acting that out for people.

We’ve got a number of neighbours involved in the day – bringing food, helping with transport and set up, lending BBQs, etc. Now one more neighbour has a stake in it – the one whose mower we borrowed. He seemed pretty excited about it by the time he’d watched us mow the park!

Looking forward to tomorrow. Still praying for dry!

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