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3 big advantages that cross-cultural mission has over same-culture mission (no.2)

by on May 2, 2012

2) Cross-cultural mission Embodies the Message  

When you engage in cross-cultural mission, your activity resembles the heart of your message.

When you think about it, enclosed in the message ‘Jesus Messiah is Lord’ are two cross-cultural movements that have broken into our world.

Firstly, God has come to humans. His Son has pitched his tent in our camp (Jn 1:14), giving up his rights to come as a weak human (Phil 2:6-8). Surprisingly, in Jesus the holy God began to eat with fraudulent government crooks and sex workers. And, in the most extraordinary cross-cultural movement for the Author of Life, he even ate with us at our table of death! (Heb 2:9). When we go to those who are far from us culturally, we imitate the God who didn’t insist we first come to him, but who gladly stepped into our sin-enslaved world.

Secondly, our gospel declares: Jews have come to Gentiles. Finally the time has arrived for Abraham’s nation to shower other nations with blessing. The first thing the risen Messiah did was to send out 12 Jewish men, a symbol of Israel’s 12 tribes, to go to the ends of the earth (Matt 28:19). Paul too said this Jew-to-Gentile movement was absolutely central to the gospel (Eph 2:14-15, 3:1-10), and saw it as key to something bigger: God stitching together around Jesus all the pieces of a torn apart world. And that included cultural splits within Gentile society (Col 3:11-13).

So in Canterbury, when a couple of white Anglo Christians knock nervously on the door of a Cantonese-speaking neighbour; when a church social involves Europeans struggling to eat a Sri Lankan neighbour’s spicy curry with our fingers, we’re embodying something of Jesus’ gospel even before we’ve spoken a word of it. Namely, we are moving towards those who are far from us.

If we in Sydney are gospel people not just gospel proclaimers, then, instinctively, we should be drawn to this kind of outreach. We should have a bias towards cross-cultural mission. What do you think? 

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  1. spallly permalink

    I think YES!
    Great post, Christian.

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