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right desire, wrong position?

by on May 25, 2012

Put the Easter flyer in the letter box and run. Spot the newcomer in the back pew, and close in. Uh oh, that man next to you on the platform does live in your street; just pretend to check your phone and edge away.  What? Your colleague asked you about your faith? Quick, bring her to next month’s evangelistic event!

We have a strong desire to reach out to the lost; but do we ever get in the right position to reach them?

By ‘position’ I mean that proximity and posture, where we can come near to non-Christians in a way that doesn’t crush them. My own history of relating to non-Christians sadly includes years of keeping them at a distance, interspersed with single-minded evangelistic sorties into their territory!

Perhaps we have something to learn from God here. The Bible tells a story of God re-positioning himself, patiently and painfully, to save his creatures. He didn’t save us by speaking a decree from a distance; nor did he simply stride on in and crush the rebellion. And it’s a repositioning story that wasn’t very quick or efficient; it seems to have taken quite a while!

What do you think? How has God positioned himself to save us? And does it give us any clues for how we might position ourselves in the lives of those who are lost? 

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  1. God spent 1400 years repositioning himself to save Israel. Do you think it might take that long in Canterbury??

  2. Anne-Claire. permalink

    Start on your knees… pray!!!
    (Although I am sure you are all doing it)

    • Don’t be too sure – we need to be encouraged to keep praying!

  3. Emma permalink

    My thoughts: actually love non-Christians. Really, love them. Be their friend. Enjoy their company and appreciate them as a person, not an evangelistic target. Share your faith with them without assuming they’ll react negatively. Take their questions/doubts seriously by wrestling with them yourself. Don’t have all the answers. Let God be responsible for saving them. And pray.

    • Good thoughts Emma. Good thoughts.

      Do we know you…?

      • Emma permalink

        I know Christian – we used to be involved in the EU at Sydney Uni together. Not sure if I’ve met you before, but who knows? Christian circles have a way of introducing you to everyone!

      • Not sure either, but feel free to drop in on us one Sunday – we’re around for most of the day, so there’s plenty of times to visit.

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