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My problem with visiting

by on May 29, 2012

I was out visiting again today. Saw N, and elderly Greek man, very worried about his sick wife. He just wanted to talk.

Saw a lady who wasn’t friendly last year when I visited. I left it a long time and then visited again today. She still wasn’t friendly.

Saw M, a divorced lady turned lesbian who is struggling to complete a degree part time. There’s been a death in the family, so she wanted to talk too.

Visited a Muslim home (quite rare in Canterbury) where the mum T is friendly. She was busy, but got to meet her son R. He seemed nice, very polite and well spoken. He was going out, however.

4 other people weren’t home.

Then it was getting too dark, and I gave it up, went home.

Pretty normal visiting session.

Now here’s my problem: I only got through 14 houses on one street. At that rate I’d have to visit every day of the week just to get down the whole street (65 houses). But then there’s all the other streets around here. I can’t get to know them all.


We need more workers. I’m praying hard for more missioners. Especially blokes. We really need blokes.

Anyone out there who wants to do mission in a really receptive area as part of a committed team?

Lord, the harvest is ripe here. Please send us workers.

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