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A day in the life…

by on June 26, 2012

Got up early. 7.30 on a Monday!

Got Stef off early for an excursion

Played ball with son Asher till he couldn’t throw anymore

Played tennis with Serbian shiftworker neighbour

Caught up with French/Indian neighbour at cafe: says he’d like to visit isolated local people

Italian shops for lunch stuff

Lunch with Elise and Emma

Tried to set up new 2nd hand Macbook – locked!

Wrote complaining email

Played through and chose new songs with our music co-ordinator

Visited church member for birthday arvo tea (along with music co-ordinator, wife, 3 kids and one kid’s friend)

cooked dinner

prayers with kids

constructed floor lamp – don’t like

hunted for docket to return lamp – failed

fell asleep on lounge – woken by wife

phone calls

set up new Macbook

prayer time – at last!

church member coming to sleep over – home too noisy!

found piece of  paper in jacket pocket: it was that docket

Assessment: more people time than usual for Monday. Good. No sermon done. Bad!

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