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Asian Celebration Day!

by on June 28, 2012

This is hot off the press. We’ve decided the theme for this year’s cultural celebration day: it’s Asia. What we Aussies call Asia, that is: China and South East Asia specifically – we did the subcontinent last year.

I’m pretty excited about this. We know heaps of Asian background people around Canterbury, they’ll be stoked. AND we have some expertise in our church!

But we need ideas. What kind of stuff would make an Asian Celebration Day really special? Who can we get involved? Performers, cooks, clothes, anything.

Can you suggest anything or anyone or offer help? We’ll need lots of extra hands on deck that day – probably a few hundred will attend.

The date is Sunday SEPT 16.

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  1. Anne-Claire permalink

    What about offering a cooking workshop?
    (i.e how to make the best spring rolls… and people get to take them home!)
    or a trivia trail?
    (i.e give participant a list of questions and “hide” the answers across the church ground or with helpers – you could do a Kids version)
    Calligraphy workshop?
    People get to write their name using a different alphabet (and again they get to take it home)
    Ok, I should probably stop!!!!

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