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A Key Local Ministry

by on June 30, 2012

There’s a woman connected to our church (let’s call her Mel) who has developed a significant local women’s ministry. Here’s how she does it: she hangs in the playground in the park every morning with her kids, and meets mums who come with their toddlers to play. Mel makes friends with these families, and she tells them how great the local playgroup is. That’s our Playtime Cafe. Mel comes herself, and she invites all the other mums.

That’s it. That’s her ministry. She goes and does it every weekday morning.

I reckon at least half a dozen new families have come along through the efforts of this one woman. Probably more like 8 families.

One interesting thing about this women’s ministry powerhouse: Mel’s not a Christian. Not yet anyway! But we’ve got to be friends with her over the past year, and then she started attending Playtime Cafe. She believes strongly in building community, and the Christians (us) are the ones who are doing that. So she wants to support us.

Two thoughts:

1. How great it will be when Mel comes to know Jesus. She’s such a natural in reaching out to others.

2. Is this a ministry other young mums elsewhere could do? If they’re backed up by a ministry aimed at serving young families – playgroup etc. 90 mins each morning in the local playground. Making friends. Linking families to the ministry. What a massive impact those young mums could have in their local community.

The only person I’ve ever seen take on this role is Mel, and she’s not a believer!


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