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Missing the Kingdom Luke 11:14-12:3

by on July 8, 2012

I’ve been working on Luke 11, the chapter starts with those who see God’s kingdom and welcome it before it’s even fully here, praying it in. Then follows a collection of scenes that seem to share the common theme, missing the kingdom. It’s about those who have opportunity to receive Jesus and God’s kingdom, but who don’t see it, who turn away from it for one reason or another.

Well as you can see it came out looking concentric. Not sure what I think of that!

At the centre is D. failing to recognise the signs when Jesus is among you. Working outwards: C. not recognising the kingdom rightly means missing out on the light, the blessings that would illuminate your whole life. This leaves you B. empty of the kingdom of God, of his Spirit, and so vulnerable to be overtaken by dark and sinful powers. In the end, A. you call good evil and speak against God’s Spirit and his Son. Reinforcing your blindness, and so the cycle begins again…

The crucial thing is whether you see in Jesus the sign of God’s kingdom arriving.

What do you think?

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