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Asian Celebration Day Flier

by on July 19, 2012

Here in Canterbury we’ve got a big job on our hands trying to convince people that Jesus is for all peoples everywhere and not just for white guys. Until this perception changes, they’re not going to come.

As part of this, we’re running an open day each year to showcase one culture or area of the world. As we celebrate their cultures, we’re really celebrating Jesus’ lordship over the whole world.

This year it’s Asia: what we Aussies call Asia, that is: East and SE Asia.

We’re pretty excited: there’s lots of Asian people around here.

Here’s the flier.

We’re looking for Asian people to get involved and make it a great day. They might contribute:

  • food or drink
  • a performance (song or dance)
  • music
  • karaoke
  • decorations
  • martial arts demo
  • wearing or lending traditional clothing
  • film
  • craft for kids

– or anything else we haven’t thought of.

If you can help or know someone who can, please let us know.

Contact Michael: 0432 262 455


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