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Playtime Update

by on August 15, 2012

I reported recently that we had a bunch of new families at the Playtime Cafe. Most of them have stayed around. And we’ve had three or four more come along since then! A woman I passed on the street two weeks ago and handed a PtC invite card to, has come both weeks.

Another  mum came for the first time with her baby last week, but it was her older girl’s day at preschool. After that visit , she went and changed the preschool day so she could bring both her girls along to Playtime Cafe each Wednesday!

Today we had 16 families there. One of the joys of the group is the cultural diversity: today we had: Indian, Bangladeshi, Nepali, Jewish, Chinese, Vietnamese (x2), French African, Italian, Anglo (x4), and Lebanese families.

Best of all, everyone gets included, and everyone talks to everyone. There is no ‘in group’. Many of the newcomers comment on how friendly the group is.

We love the Playtime Cafe.

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  1. Anne-Claire permalink

    🙂 great to see the Lord at work… Praise Him!

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