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Christianity explored???

by on August 28, 2012

We’ve made friends with about 20 families through our Playtime Cafe. But we won’t have a natural connection with them forever. Once the kids go to school, they won’t come anymore.

How do we help these friends move closer to Jesus and his community (us), while they’re around? I’m sure there’s heaps of creative ways to do that, but we’re Anglicans, so we thought of running a bible study course!

(We’re also hoping to have some BBQs…)

Now here’s the thing: what material do you use in a 5-6 week course introducing young mums to Jesus?

We want something where in the end they will have some understanding of why we exist as a church. We want to avoid the situation where people are challenged to know Jesus, but don’t know how to connect that to involvement with Jesus’ people or mission. We’d like it if at the end they can say ‘Oh, so that’s what you guys are on about, with all the strange things you do!’

In other words the sort of course where the punchline is just a private interaction between you and God, won’t cut it for us.

Can anyone suggest some material that we could use?

Please pray for us as we plan this for October.




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  1. Sophie Febery permalink

    “The World We All Want” is great. It’s by Steve Timmis and Tim Chester – the Total Church people, so they’re right into community. The last study has a lot in in on the church. If you’re really keen I could try and scan the last study for you so you can see, or you could take my word for it!

    I haven’t actually done it myself with people, I keep coming across Japanese people and so I do Christianity Explained (not explored, it’s a bit simpler) with them which is way more simple and just purely focussed on Jesus. But I’m very keen to do it with someone when I get a chance!

    • I’m assuming that’s Sophie. Thanks heaps.

      But tell me, why do you keep meeting Japanese people? I thought you were in NZ?

      • Sophie Febery permalink

        We’re in Methven, a ski town, and lots of Japanese people come here over winter especially. They just seem to turn up at our church, saying they’re interested in Christianity! And yes it’s Sophie Febery, the one who was at college with you guys! 🙂

  2. Gary Bennetts permalink

    Hi Jonathan.
    We have a similar group at Georges Hall working through 10 weeks in Mark’s gospel. We do 5 weeks in one term and 5 weeks in the next term.
    Roughly 1 1/2 chapters per session. We read through the sections and ask the three questions Rico Tice uses comewhere in his material:
    Who is Jesus? (Identity)
    What has he come to do? (MIssion)
    What does he want of those who would follow him? (Call)
    Its quite ‘loose’. But it lets the conversations and questions go in the direction the people want them to. And it gives them an insight into the Jesus who has affected the lives of those Christians who have befriended them.
    Great to hear what God is doing in your midst!

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