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The World We All Want – critique

by on September 21, 2012

The World We All Want

There are two minusses. First, the structure of the course. Obvious options would be to either go for a ‘logical’  structure:

1. God promises a new world

2. we can’t achieve it ourselves because of sin

3. Jesus achieved it for us at the cross

4. now we can participate in the new world as God’s people in Jesus.

OR to take a salvation-history approach

1. God made a good world

2. We spoiled it

3. God promised a new world to Abraham, Israel etc.

4. They all muffed it, etc

5. Jesus finally achieved it

6. We are invited to join in

Either of these would be clear enough. The first maybe simpler for explaining Christian faith to inquirers, the second better as a bible overview maybe for new christians.

Now, here’s the thing: TWWAW tries to do both structures at once! With predictably confusing results. The thing oscillates back and forward a bit strangely. No doubt there’s a kind of logic to it, but not one easy to decipher.
Here’s the titles:

1. God promises the world we all want

2. Jesus shows us God’s new world

3. We have spoiled God’s good world

4. God promises a new world

5. We cannot create God’s new world

6. We can enjoy God’s new world because of Jesus

7. Christians are God’s people waiting for God’s new world

Notice how 1 and 4 seem to cover the same ground? And also 3 and 5 are pretty similar – 2 separated weeks on human sin and failure. Not what you’d call flow.

This structural convolution might be a refreshing change for those bored after many years of Christianity Explained. But for the outsider, my guess is it’s probably confusing. Ultimately this backing and forwarding detracts from the clarity and power of the course. There’s not much momentum achieved.

Tomorrow: the other problem with TWWAW

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