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A way forward for effective mission?

by on September 30, 2012

Well, I’m keen to get back to what I think are the really interesting questions: why were so many people in Acts so keen to hear the gospel? And why don’t people ask/want us to tell them about Jesus these days? Why the change?

Sophie identifies an attitude that ”there’s nothing new, people think they know it all and that we as a culture have moved beyond Christianity.”

Chris S suggests ‘our difference from the culture around is sometimes an issue… too different in ways we shouldn’t be …and perhaps above all, too unfriendly to those who DO ask difficult questions – and too rocked when people don’t like the answers we might give.’

The culture has become indifferent, and we have become defensive and a bit isolationist. I think this is all true.

We’d love to hear other ideas about this too.

My own feeling is that the reasons are not simple. I think it might be a complex situation we find ourselves in, a problem with many sides, and with no easy answers. Mind, I’m not saying no answers – just no easy ones!
I reckon there are things to be said about the theology of the issue, and also the psychology of it. And the historical as well.  And perhaps other aspects I haven’t thought of.

I’ll try to post some suggestions over the next few days.
I think we should try to discuss this in hope, and not stress: as I’ve said before, if we can get some understanding of this, we might just find ways forward for effective mission.

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