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Simply Christian

by on October 6, 2012

I’ve lent this book to two neighbours in recent times. Both have become engrossed, and insisted on buying a copy for themselves. One requested a second copy for a friend.

I wonder if this book might become more widely useful around here?

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  1. Sophie Febery permalink

    Can you tell us more about it? Is it aimed at non-Christians or Christians? Is it skinny or fat? (Skinny books are good to lend!) Is it kind of systematic theology or more of a story?

    • Well, anyone else who knows the book feel free to chip in.

      The book is designed as an intro to Christian faith, for the thoughtful outsider or as a refresher for Christians.

      It’s 200 pages. But you could get away with leaving out bits.

      He divides the book into 3 parts:
      1. Echoes of a voice, looks at things in our life experience that point to the reality of God and is kingdom, though they only give us hints: the longing for justice; spirituality; our need for relationship; beauty. This section is a bit like CSLewis in Mere Christianity, starting with the created world and heading back to the creator.

      2. Staring at the sun, he changes tack completely, and tells the story of the Biblical history. God, Israel, Jesus, redemption, the kingdom of God, Pentecost, life in the Spirit. Where CSLewis sticks with the deductive thing, narrowing down to one possible religion as the true one, Simply Christian just chucks it and goes for God’s revelation through salvation history instead. Good idea.

      3. Reflecting the image, Looks at basic elements of Christian discipleship: worship, prayer, bible, church. Some pretty awesome accounts of these. I found it quite inspiring actually!

      My feeling is it’s probably good for people with fairly strong english. Though my neighbour who just bought it from me is ESL. But she’s educated. I’d like to try out bits of it on some less ‘literary’ type people and see what they make of it. They might find sections of it good, if not the whole thing.

      Hope that helps!

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