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A new women’s worker

by on October 11, 2012

We’ve had Nicole working with us part time this year. She’s done an excellent job getting alongside women around Canterbury, especially through the Playtime Cafe. Significant things are happening here after only one year of her ministry. That’s quick work!
Nicole is leaving us at the end of the year, as Jon her husband finishes Bible college and they head to the country. Sigh.
This women’s ministry must continue. Nicole has been able to work as a volunteer, but to ‘replace’ her we’ll need to bring someone in, and that means employing them.

We’re looking at a part time position, 2-3 days/ week.

We need two things for this:

1. the right woman for the job

2. money

We need someone with a big heart for Jesus and for needy people, with good people skills and a fair bit of flexibility and initiative – someone who can work in a minimally-structured environment.

We don’t have any money, so we’ll need to raise it all. From outside: our own people are stretched already with their giving.

We’re only trying to raise money for one year – hopefully after that we can come up with it ourselves. So a grant or something would work in this case (normally we avoid grants).

We haven’t had any real experience at finding staff, or at raising funds for them.

You can help by:

  • praying for this women’s worker need for 2013
  • linking us up with anyone you know who might be right for the job
  • give us advice about this sort of fundraising, about anywhere where grants might be available, or link us up with any well-heeled individual Christians you know who might open their wallet in a one-off gift for this ministry.

We are confident that this ministry will go on next year. We’re just not sure yet how it’s going to happen…




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