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The World We All Want – some feedback

by on November 19, 2012

Lauretta has just finished doing the intro-to-Christianity course, The World We All Want, with us.

I had the chance to ask her how she found the course. Her answer was interesting.

I’ve done bible studies before lots of times. They always seem to talk a lot about sin. Whereas this one… well, actually this one did too, but it was different somehow. Other times, it’s been all about your own sin. As though sin was just a problem you had alone. It always seemed a bit…artificial. With these studies, I liked how it had the whole creation in view. Sin is a problem that affects everything and wrecks the world, we’re all caught up in it, it’s not just my individual problem. It seemed a lot more true to life. I think if I was going to be a Christian, I’d believe this message rather than the other sort!

It made me feel, too, that becoming a Christian might mean being an environmentalist or something. Caring for the world, I mean. I know, the New Testament doesn’t really talk much about the environment. But, at least working for good around us. Since God has promised to make a perfect world. Even if you didn’t make much difference, living that way, it would show you believed in what God was on about. Rather than just hoping to go somewhere else, to heaven.  I like it how Jesus is doing something to fix things, and we can take part.

I like that much better than all that stuff I normally hear about the afterlife.

It reminded me of that book you lent me. That book and this bible study booklet, they were different from other times I’ve heard about Christianity. Their approach – it made more sense to me.

Now I’m guessing some of you will love this feedback, and some worry about it. But there it is, that’s what she said!

(The book was Simply Christian.)

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  1. Sophie Febery permalink

    I think that’s great! It’s great to get people considering the gospel from all different angles. It relates to us individually and it relates to us as members of humanity.

    By the way a new website I’ve discovered that you might like is . An interesting way to present the gospel. Not that I’ve tried it.

    3 God is three Persons united in love
    2 The story of the world is the story of two representatives
    1 You are one with Adam. Will you be one with Jesus?

    • Sounds like an interesting approach, thanks Sophie. I’ll check it out.

    • Yeah I like that website Sophie. He’s a good speaker, that Glen. He’s doing some theological thinking too. That’s rare and precious!

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