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Our Asia Day

by on November 20, 2012

Well it’s about time I reported back to you on our Asian Celebration Day.

I”ll try to do a few posts on aspects of it. First the people.

One great thing about the day was how many people got involved. We had many Asian neighbours helping out. They brought decorations, lent clothes, cooked amazing food. Most of the food on the day was supplied by locals. (More on food later.) Our connections with these neighbours were really strengthened by the event.

As well, our church community pulled together and helped out wonderfully. People who had previously had limited involvement with us, jumped in and worked hard, both on the day (a Sunday) and on the day before, setting things up. And because so many helped, it didn’t feel like a big job (at least, not to me!). It was a joy to see these people catching the vision for local outreach and investing in it. As a result of the Asia Day, our church feels closer and more unified.

Another group of people to mention were the helpers we roped in from other churches. They came specially to serve at this event, and were such a support. Decorations, kids activities, food serving, welcoming visitors – these guys did it all. A tiny church like ours can only pull off a largish event like this because of these heroes. Anne-Clare from Newtown comes in for special mention: she ran the kitchen for us all day. She was a machine. We were in awe! And thankful.

Also for special mention is church-member Michael Doran who was our event-manager. He ran the whole thing, and stayed calm, and made it work. I didn’t worry about the day at all, because Michael was doing the worrying! Thanks mate.

It was great was how many people came on the day. Hard to count a crowd like that, but seemed like 200-250 at any one time, probably over the afternoon we had 3-400 people come along. That was bigger than last year. The food nearly all got eaten, and there was a LOT of it! Anyway the place felt crowded. The weather was lovely, so that helped the attendance. It was great to meet lots of Asian people from our area, though may non-Asians came too. One family who came along has since joined our playgroup.

Plenty of kids, too. The jumping castle was a big success – not very Asian, but very popular nevertheless! Jumping Castle makes an appearance at many of our events – gives parents a chance to relax and meet people. It helps that the jumping castle man has become part of our church community – mates rates!

Tomorrow: Asian performers and other activities.

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