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Our Neighbourhood Christmas Party

by on December 25, 2012

photoWe wanted to end the year celebrating Jesus’ birth together with the people who’ve become most dear to us this year: friends and neighbours from around Canterbury. We invited everyone to a Christmas party – a church party, but at our house. We didn’t ask for RSVP, just asked them to bring something to share.

Around 60 came.

We had Nepalphoto-1i, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Irish, Italian (lots!), Egyptian, and Brazilian neighbours… and probably others. Oh, some Anglos.

We had an elderly shut-in neighbour who has only left her apartment block twice in 8 years. The first time was for our carols night. The second was the party.

We had people we’d only connected with latephoto-4ly, through the Christmas Hampers.

We had a great night of food and friendship. There was a Kris Kringle around the tree for the (numerous) kids. There was plenty to eat and drink. The church gang had done a great job decorating the house and yard.

People seemed pretty relaxed – they didn’t want to go home. 6-9 turned into 6-10, and still there were people.

I’m guessphoto-5ing it’s been many years since Canterbury saw a neighbourhood Christmas party like that, that brought the community together.

We thank God for the joy and privilege of being here with these

Great things start to happen to a community when Jesus is Lord!

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