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Our year ahead – a long range forecast

by on January 21, 2013

photoWhat will the year ahead look like in Canterbury? We spent a good time yesterday creating an ‘opportunities/challenges’ assessment for 2013.

Here were some of the items.


  • Having so many relationships when we’re a small church
  • developing friendships across cultural differences
  • phasing out the ‘team’ mindset we began with and phasing in a ‘church’ mindset that includes everyone involved
  • sustaining our growing women’s ministry
  • shepherding our energies through a whole year of gospel ministry


  • people want to know us – deepening those friendships
  • new way to serve and love our neighbours: ESL ministry on mondays
  • neighbours who now want to engage with us at a faith level
  • more local homes for us to meet in

Overall we are amazed at the scope of the gospel opportunities in our neighbourhood. There are so many people who are open to getting involved with us. There is so much need. If we had ten times as many people in our church, we could easily find outreach ministries for them all to take part in that suited their gifts.

And that’s also our biggest challenge too: coping with being in that situation with just a small group of us, knowing that we need to let most of those opportunities slide past untouched. That’s not easy!

So as before, we’re praying for other Christian people to catch the vision and come and help! Would you pray this for us? Maybe you could stop and pray now.

It’s looking like a big year in Canterbury.

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