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2nd prayer of confession

by on January 28, 2013

Father of mercies,
You sent your son into the world
To destroy evil.
Have mercy on us
for we have sinned.
You are the source of our life,
Yet we let our hearts go astray
to follow worthless idols.
The worries of this age,
the lure of wealth
and desires for other things
Make us unfruitful.
We have laboured
for what does not satisfy,
And closed our hearts to you.
Father, forgive us.
By the blood of Jesus,
Cleanse us from dead works
to serve the living God.
Grow in us the fruit of your Spirit
So that we may walk before you
in faithful love.

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  1. Charlie Ellis permalink

    Hey Jono, I like them both a lot. I think I’d go with the 1st one more. No real reasons. It’s ‘nicer’?

    • Thanks for the feedback brother, we appreciate it.

  2. Stacey permalink

    I also agree with Charlie… I prefer the first one but no deep reason as to why.

    • Thanks Stace. Good to know. I think we’ll try out using both.

  3. carla permalink

    I also like the first one more, i think it has more humility and yearning.

    • Thanks for these comments Carla, much appreciated.

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