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Purpose statements

by on February 12, 2013


Part of doing cross cultural ministry is making things simple. We’re not always good at that.

One thing we’re trying this year in our efforts to simplify stuff, is purpose statements. Especially for our regular meetings, a simple statement about why we’re there, what we’re hoping to do. Idea is to use the same words each week, so they gradually sink in and influence people’s thinking and expectations. Also they should help us lead our meetings in a purposeful way!

Here’s the one we’re trying our for our Sunday Gathering:

We’ve come together because God has raised his Son Jesus from the dead, and made him Lord of all. We meet to celebrate this great event. As we gather around Jesus, we want to share in his new life, and be filled by his Spirit. That’s why we’re here.

What do you think?

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  1. Did you leave the normal “be like Christ” and “love God” out of it for a purpose? Are there specific theological points that you’ve left out on purpose or do you feel this is a fairly holistic purpose statement? I’m not certain that the “meet to celebrate this great event” doesn’t lessen meeting to celebrate God’s person, character and other actions to a second tier, as it stands?

    I’m kinda curious where the “love thy neighbour” stuff fits in – part of purpose statement or just part of general life and work of the church? It’s pretty massive in terms of the ‘bread & fish’ ministry of the team!

    Sorry for the overuse of purpose (and verbosity) in the reply – I guess that a purposeful (terse) purpose statement has many benefits.

    • Thanks for the comment John,

      You make some good points. Especially about loving your neighbour. we do meet to encourage and build each other up don’t we. That’s not heaps clear in the statement as it stands.

      I haven’t left anything out on purpose, just tried to paint a bit of a picture of our gathering to focus our intentions. I think to use it every week it needs to be short, so necessarily lacking in detail. Ideally it should give an accurate ‘big picture’, though.

      Not easy, I find!

  2. Sophie permalink

    Great! Although I think that the placing of “filled by his Spirit” makes it sound like it’s something we “hope” happens, rather than something that is part of being a Christian. I wonder if you could switch around the wording: “as we gather around Jesus, we are filled with his Spirit and share in his new life”???

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