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ESL – our new ministry

by on February 18, 2013

It’s always exciting to be starting something new. Diving in, unsure exactly how deep the water might be! This year we’re starting ESL classes in Canterbury.

We’ve got a team of six intrepid volunteer-teachers and assistants. At the moment we’re having a month of training. Next month the classes start. We’re organising a bit of advertising, just keeping it local.

We need to produce a banner to hang out the front of the church property permanently. But we’re not very good at designing banners!

Please pray for us over the next few weeks as we begin, that

  • we’ll get the banner right
  • students will come
  • we’ll be well organised to teach them good lessons
  • everyone will enjoy it and make friends

esl flier

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  1. Looking great! What more do you need to say?

    Just to engage a little. The headline is good, it targets the need (English) and the imperative leaves you with a simple action to follow up on. Also the ‘your’ is personal and self-reflective but I wonder if the word ‘improve’ has enough punch (one syllable words have more punch). I may be overanalysing this but it might imply pre-existing English skills that can be improved. Also ‘your’ limits the sign’s relevance to people with limited ability – that is, if *you personally* don’t need to improve your english, you might not immediately think of your mother who does. Might I suggest ‘Learn English Here’ as an alternative? You retain the imperative, the self-reflection gets implied to anyone who knows they need better English, and to those who don’t need English they simply note that St Paul’s is the local place where people can learn English. It can be kept in mind as a suggested referral.

    Having said that, I still want to be the first to say that care and love for students is most important thing and will tend to be your best source of referrals.

    • Thanks John, great comment. Helpful for our banner. What I posted was actually a flier/poster that we’ll use in other places. Sorry, a bit misleading. Anyway, appreciate your encouragement and advice.

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