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Playtime Cafe takes off

by on February 25, 2013


We thought we might get off to a slow start with Playtime Cafe, you always lose people whose kids have gone to big school, and it gradually grows through the year.

Instead, we’re pretty much at capacity now. A big crowd from the first week, and new people arrived since then.

There’s a great vibe to this group. Everyone who comes says how much they like it, and they keep coming back. What I like about it is the warm welcome everyone gets – there’s a real friendliness, and no ‘inner ring’ or clique of cool people.

It’s hard to know what to do about this. We’d love to open a second day, to make room for more families. To do that we need at least one more woman to help run it. At the moment we don’t have that woman.

We also need someone who can follow up these women, and introduce them to Jesus.

Would you pray for the Playtime Cafe ministry? We’re not sure what God’s got in mind for us, but we’re praying for a direction forward and the right workers to take us there.

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