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ESL classes – week 1

by on March 15, 2013


Thanks to everyone who’s expressed so much interest in our ESL classes.

After months of thinking, praying, talking, planning and training, we finally kicked off on Monday.

It was great – we even had students! In week 1 that’s considered a bonus. 3 to be precise.

True, we had more staff than students, but still…

We all made friends, and they seemed to enjoy it. We had one beginner and two advanced students.

Assessment, followed by a shorter than usual lesson. All good.

We’ve ordered a banner to hang out the front of the church building. We’re gradually doing more advertising.

Next week hoping for three returns and some new students! Hopefully some photos to show you.

Please pray for this fledgling ministry. Especially for

– confidence for our new teachers

– good friendships to form

– wisdom for how to do our bible content – hoping to have a short segment each week.

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  1. Hi Jonathan, always encouraging to hear how things are progressing there. A friend of mine in Melbourne runs an English conversation class and finishes each lesson with one of the teachers telling a Bible story. Before they tell the story the teacher introduces a couple of new English words that will appear in the story. The teacher usually tells the story twice and following this the students discuss 2 questions…something like “What does this story tell us about people/ God/Jesus?”. I guess it’s presented as a listening and comprehension exercise. Although it is also clear that the people running the show are Christians and the story comes from the Bible. Not sure if this would work in your context but thought I’d mention it in case. Say g’day to the family for us! 🙂

    • That’s gold, Chris. Thanks.
      Have passed on your greetings to the fam. Asher remembers you guys. Especially Zebra (Ezra)!

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