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ESL week 2

by on March 19, 2013
Lisa, one of our legend ESL teachers

Lisa, one of our legend ESL teachers

Our ESL team has grown by one – now we have a dedicated creche lady! That was good news for those of us whose backs were still aching from too much time on the mat last week.

Our three students came back this week, and one of them brought two friends, so there were five in total. Three absolute beginners, and two more advanced. Nice to have friends invited already!

Judging by the smiles and laughs, they enjoyed the classes. We try to keep it fun. We do nice coffee and morning tea also, that helps get people smiling!

Next week the banner should arrive, we’ll have to work out how to hang it on the front of the church building.

So we feel like we’re off to a good start. Who knows what the Lord will do with this ministry!

Please pray for us that

  • we’ll make good friendships with the students
  • we’ll figure out how to incorporate bible story telling into the package in a way that is educational

(Sorry still no photos!)

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