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Our awesome playgroup picnic

by on March 26, 2013

photo-1Ok so you’ve got a playgroup. Ours is called Playtime Cafe. You’ve got mums and kids and a smattering of dads. They love it. All good.

But how to take the next step? What is the next step? They need to meet your church people. You need to meet their other halves. And older brothers and sisters. How to get everyone to meet?

A picnic!

Yes, we had the first playgroup picnic for the year on Sunday. Our church people ran it. The playgroup families came along. In the heat. In droves.

We had about twelve playgroup families come, from every country under the sun. Well, almost. They were certainly under the sun!

We had: Vietnamese, Burmese, Italian, Lebanese, Nepali, Bangladeshi, Ecuadorian, Chinese, Anglo and I don’t know who else there. It was awesome.

We took a BBQ, some umbrellas and a marquee, tables and chairs, esky and ice, rugs and lots of food and drink. We cooked excessive numbers of sausages. Nice sausages! People brought salads and stuff.

A neighbour turned up with a basket of easter eggs, so we had an egg hunt.

We took a guitar but didn’t use it, the kids were happy playing in the playground.

It was so hot we nearly melted. But we were stoked to be there.

Yesterday one of the mums talked to me about it. She said, ‘It’s the first time for my kids. They were very happy.’ I think she meant the first time they’d been invited on a picnic.

Her little boy must have felt happy: at the picnic he asked me in broken English ‘We not Christian, we’re Buddhist. Are we allowed?’ “Allowed where?” I asked.

“He means can he come to church even though he’s Buddhist?” his mum explained.

“Um, of course you can!”

We’ll be praying for that family!photo

That was the next step for us anyhow. By the time these people turn up to our service, they’ll already know everyone. Because they’ve already been to church many times. Our church is a community not just an event, so our neighbours are coming to church every time they come to one of our things.

And I think they went home having tasted the welcome of Jesus.

We all went up to our 4 o’clock gathering, still melting but very thankful for the Playtime Picnic.

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