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Reliving the Passion – our Good Friday

by on April 4, 2013


Friday morning the performers gathered early to make preparations. Were the lapel mics working? Did everyone know where their station was? Christian walked them through it all.

By 10.30 a crowd had gathered, and we were ready to go. Thirteen stations. Thirteen story tellers. Thirteen electric scenes of the Passion narrative.

We saw Jesus betrayed. Watched in gripped silence as he was arrested, tried. Heard the crowd howl for his blood. ‘Crucify him!’ Saw him sentenced, led away, nailed to the wooden cross.

It all happened right before our eyes. Syd, the local jumping castle man, carried the cross. He said  afterwards that he felt very honoured.

Great storytelling. Great effort from everyone. GREAT STORY.

friday3Brief service of thanksgiving in the cemetery to finish. Key word for the morning: reconciled. God was reconciling us to himself through the suffering of Jesus on the cross.friday4

After, no one wanted to go home. People stayed for hot cross buns. They stayed to talk. And they stayed… I think debrief time was needed.

Thank God for all the neighbours and Canterbury local and friends and families who came and saw their saviour bleed for them.

I walked a young girl home to her mum’s house in the next street. “What did you think of the story?”

“It was good.”

“Had you heard it before?”


friday 9










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  1. David lovelend permalink

    Why a really special record of the stations

    • Great photography! 🙂

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