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by on April 18, 2013

Lately I’ve been having a look around at the websites of churchplants from recent years. Some of them are awesomely impressive. I’ve particularly been impressed with the image they create of themselves, and the way it’s designed to reach out and grab a particular target group that they’re aiming to reach.  Clearly this is what churchplants need to do. So I’m thinking of doing something similar for Canterbury Community Church. How does this sound for the Homepage?


Are you young? Hipster? Plugged in? Do you tumblr, twitter, fb and instagram? Are you looking for a happening community of switched on people like yourself? Where the music is cool in a sort of indie, rootsie way. Where the ministry team are dressed by Prada? Where the preaching is more like performance art than teaching, delivering electric shocks of truth straight to your soul? Where the multimedia will just wash over you in waves of light/sound/vibration/and podcast emotion. A truly total church experience. To live at the cutting edge of church, pushing into the future with energy, and streetwise savvy. Connected up with a Social Network who are pushing the boundaries of just how svelte, buff, and all-round awesome Christian community can truly be.

Is this you?

Then you may not like Canterbury Community Church. We’re a bit…ordinary. You might find yourself sitting next to someone who has a landline, an odd body shape and a bad haircut. Some of our people can’t even spell ‘asthetic’. And we’ve been known to sing Shine Jesus, Shine.  Sorry.


I think I’ve almost nailed it, don’t you? Just need to do the accompanying video. All the websites have video, you know.

Anyone got a Video8 camera I can borrow?

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  1. bruce psss permalink

    Christ against culture?

    • Depends on the culture, mate. Smallpox is a culture.


    • Besides, are you saying Shine Jesus Shine is NOT culture?? How could you?

  2. Thanks for having us at the supporters event yesterday… You are growing a special culture of Christian community there!.. We pray that God will continue to bless the Canterbury area through you. Danielle & Michael

    • Pleasure to have you around! Thanks for coming and bringing your beautiful family.

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