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Laying the ashes

by on April 19, 2013

A neighbour has asked me to conduct a ceremony at Rookwood to lay the ashes of her mother, who died recently. Mum was a devout Catholic, whole family is Catholic.

Said I would.

So, does anyone have any experience in laying ashes? What can you suggest? Liturgy resources?

I’m so often still doing things for the first time…

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  1. Ian & Bronwen Cox permalink

    Jonathan There is the prayer book an service for the internment of ashes. You use it in conjunction with the burial service . Try the green AAPB book first. If you haven’t one there probably is one in the church otherwise come back to me.

    Grace 2 you.


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    • Thanks Ian, found it!

  2. Andrew bishop permalink

    Will pray for you, it is a difficult business doing non Christians Furneral but for the bold there can be some opertunities, we will be praying for courage for you, many just compromise.
    Andrew b

    • Thanks Andy!

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