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Jesus in Fancy Dress

by on May 14, 2013


When Shakespeare wants to have a bit of fun, write a comedy, he generally gets his characters to dress up, wear disguise. Masters dress as servant, girls dress as boys, it all gets terribly complicated and confusing, and everyone has a good laugh.

The scene we looked at last Sunday in our Gathering was full of weeping and horror, as Jesus had justice denied him, and was judicially murdered on a Roman cross (Luke 23). It ended on the chilling note, the temple curtain torn in two.

Who would have thought that so soon after, with the shouts of the mob still ringing in our ears, Luke would flick the switch to comedy?

‘So tell me,’ says Jesus, ‘What sort of weekend have you been having in Jerusalem?’

Nudge nudge.

This Sunday, our theme is Jesus Incognito, Luke 24:13-27.

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