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Crazy in the head

by on June 3, 2013

A couple of stories from mission field Canterbury. Last week I met a local man who was limping and in obvious pain. I knew he had been suffering gout for a while, but it had got much worse, spreading through his whole leg. He’d been in agony for a fortnight or more. He told me all about his attempts to get help from ‘Western’ medicine (he’s from the sub-continent), and how little it had helped. After hearing his story, I told him about how Christians have a tradition of laying hands on people and praying over them in Jesus’ name (he’s Hindu). Would he like me to do that for him?

He would like, so I laid hands on him then and there, and prayed for his healing.

During the weekend I found myself talking it over with God. ‘Well, his view of Jesus is kind of going to depend on you answering that prayer, Lord. You’d better do something…’

Today, I saw him again, his face lit up, he beckoned me to come over to him. ‘It’s a lot better, thanks! I can walk on it again, it’s not too uncomfortable. Not fully better, but a big improvement.’ He was pretty excited. I could tell what he was thinking – he was thinking it was because of that prayer in Jesus name.

I told him how glad I was. Didn’t say anything else – didn’t want to get in the way!

Another story: a few of us were talking after our gathering yesterday, about our efforts to get Christians to come and serve with us in Canterbury. It’s been hard going. Someone suggested people don’t want to move into a poorer area like ours.

Then one young local man we’ve been involved with for a couple of years, told us, ‘No, it’s not that, I tell you why they’s not come. It’s because when you guys talk to us it’s too many problems, we have, and you have to hear them, and it goes around and around, and you gets crazy in the head. That’s why the others don’t come.’

He could be on to something…

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  1. Anne-Claire. permalink

    I can confirm.. you are all crazy in the head…. but in such a GOD way 🙂

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