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At last – Easter Sunday Community Lunch

by on June 5, 2013

Well, it’s been a while on my to do list, sorry it’s a bit late, but I wanted to share with you at least some photos from our Easter Community Lunch. Couple of hundred neighbours, couple of spit-roasted lambs, a great opportunity to host our neighbourhood and invite them to join in as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. The weather was great, the food was excellent, the kids jumped on castles wearing crazy painted faces, awesome live music from Veronica and Craig, barista services from Alexcastlebaristalambsice creamice cream 2IMG_1668tableTom & ChristiantimNguyet & clownveron – the atmosphere was one of festival. Just what we wanted for resurrection day!

Take a minute to scroll down and enjoy the photos.

We always feel most in our element when we’re doing hospitality. And on Easter Sunday, there’s a lot of joy to share around.

The Canterbury Community Church gang rolled up their sleeves and pitched in, and neighbours and friends helped too. It was so nice all working together on such a joyful project.

We finished the day with our Gathering at 4 pm, where we celebrated even harder. Lots to give thanks for after a day of positive connections with our community, gathered around the risen Jesus.

Christos anesti!

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