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My quiet morning

by on June 25, 2013

Worked a long day yesterday, so I thought I’d take things quiet this morning, hopefully have some time to pray. Here’s how it actually went:

  • dealt with overnight emails
  • got 3 kids ready for school (a team effort)
  • dropped kids at school – late!
  • while at school rung by a brother from church in a crisis: could I break into his house and then drive his car keys to Chippendale? Multiple phone calls to arrange this.
  • had to drop off some gloves to an elderly friend with cold hands
  • elderly friend needed a lift to the doctors – it was raining too hard for her to go by bus
  • got home from doctor’s, did the break-in job for brother from church
  • sister from church dropped in for coffee and chat
  • arranged for sister to drive keys to Chippendale
  • finished dealing with emails
  • settled down for a coffee. Rung by another sister from church to talk over her work situation
  • invited for lunch by brother from church
  • settled back down for that coffee. Man dropped in for a chat, he manages a group home that one of our church members lives in. He’s keen for his family to join our church. Talked for an hour.
  • neighbour returned after car-key mission
  • It’s now 1 pm. About to head off for lunch with brother from church

Ah, Canterbury!  Loving the serenity…


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  1. What’s a busy morning like?

  2. 🙂

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