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Farewell to Christian

by on June 28, 2013

Tom & ChristianA sad weekend for Canterbury Community Church: we say goodbye to our dear brother Christian.

Christian has been one of the founding pastors of our church. He’s been in it from the start, from right back in the planning phase before there was a CCC. He shared the vision back in the beginning, and helped write the vision statement that’s guided us ever since.

Since then, Christian has invested himself in the mission and the community here in Canterbury. He’s become known and loved by many local people. He’s led our church in many outreach activities, given us mission and ministry training, including especially teaching us to story-tell the Scriptures. Christian has had a regular preaching ministry that has kept everyone engaged and challenged. The best thing about it is, he’s always preached Jesus Christ. Whatever Scriptures Christian is working from, he’s always understood his calling as a gospel preacher, and has consistently fed us on the word of life, the good news.

Personally, I have found it a great source of strength to have a fellow-worker alongside me in this adventure. In our weekly meetings, Christian and I have talked over every imaginable area of our ministry and message. We’ve been able to support each other through all kinds of struggles. It won’t be the same without him.

Christian has met a lovely American girl, Cammy, and heads off soon to marry said girl and reside in the US. This will be his last weekend of ministry in Canterbury.

We’re having a farewell party tomorrow (Saturday) and then our Sunday gathering will also be farewelling him.

Christian will be sorely missed. We thank God for gifting us with this servant of Jesus for the past three years.

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  1. Yes I knew Christian since he was at Newtown Mission, he helped me a lot. Now we have a full food ministry and i have him to thank. Best wishes to Christian and Cammy, i know they will serve the Lord wherever he sends them. Sad I didn’t get to Sydney to see him before he leaves.

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