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An outsider’s view of the Sydney archbish election

by on July 6, 2013

Julia Baird Well worth reading this article by the well-informed Julia Baird. She makes some great points, especially about secrecy. The way we look to her is probably the way we look to most of Sydney.

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  1. hi J.

    I think you make a good point about how we look to most of Sydney … although I suspect that most of sydney get their impression of how we appear from pieces like this!

    When Julia uses a description like “The choice here seems to be between the genial, intellectual evangelicalism Davies represents and the wary, controlling, insular evangelicalism of Smith’s arch-conservative supporters” it’s not all that hard to see that she comes to the article with some baggage!

    I think the piece’s biggest shortcoming is that it fails to account for how the archbishop is actually elected (in synod, by elected representatives from each church). The article makes it sound like this is similar to the federal election, where everyone gets to vote.

    Anyhow – isn’t it great that the tone of discussions has been so positive thus far!?!


    • It is great, Roj.

      Re baggage, if Julia’s view represents baggage, then I suspect there’s a whole lot of people out there in the wider world who carry similar baggage. Like the vast majority. It could be just because they read Julia’s stuff, but whatever the reason, the view seems to be out there. I hear it a lot. Just an observation…

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