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Backyard Blitz – Greek style!

by on July 23, 2013

Tim Tom and Mark have a lovely Greek neighbour R who isn’t able to look after her yard anymore, it’s got a bit overgrown.

Time for a backyard blitz. A bunch of us went over on Sunday, tools in hand, and did battle with metre high weeds, redback spiders, and hidden sharp metal objects, to reduce the yard to order.

It was only a partial victory, but progress was definitely made. And lots of fun was had!

And mountains of Greek food was eaten afterwards, courtesy of R!

A good day.

Here’s some snaps:

Before, then after.


This is before.



This is after!

This is after!

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  1. JonB permalink

    Well done team Canterbury. That looks like good fun too.

    • Thanks mate, it was.

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