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Our new local evangelist

by on August 15, 2013

The 80-year-old-Italian-lady who sneaked in to do our housework recently has been getting more involved with us.

This week she got talking with a Korean man on the next street. She has a gift for striking up conversations. Not sure how they did it, as his English is poor and she’s a bit deaf. But anyway, within 15 minutes they were firm friends.

She told him all about me and the Community Church, and would he like me to visit him? He said he would, and wrote down his details. (I suspect under some coercion!)

So today 80yoil and I went over to visit Korean man. He seemed happy enough to see us. We heard his story about his life, and family, and how much he hated Korean churches, and how he read the bible at home.

Then 80yoil told him earnestly about how great our church is. “Do you know, I’d like it if you would come along.” “Why don’t I come over on Sunday and take you?” And other similar exhortations!

He agreed. What else could he do? When 80yoil is determined, she’s unstoppable. I guess we’ll be seeing him Sunday!

It’s great to have a local evangelist who is so gifted.

She’ll be even more effective when she comes to know Jesus herself!

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  1. This is awesome.
    Thanks for posting – so encouraging!

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