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ESL – it never rains…

by on September 2, 2013

Some of our students at morning tea break

“You need to be careful what you pray”. This was the advice I got today from someone in our church community, after 7 new students turned up to ESL today. More than doubling our numbers. We were massively unprepared!

“You know, we’ve been asking God for more students at prayer meeting” she said.

“Yes” I replied, “but we hoped for a trickle, not a flood!”

“Well, you didn’t specify” she pointed out .

Ok, ok, I’ll remember for next time. Only pray for what you can handle!

Six Burmese, and one Chilean. And that’s on top of the Nepali and the Portugese students who started last week. Making 9 new students in a week.

Mostly we’ve had too few students. Now we have too many. It never rains but it pours!

We’ve had to start a new class for them. And I’ve had to teach it!

Last week, you may remember, I was complaining to myself about doing ‘backgroundy’ stuff, not being the main man. This week I’m thrust into a teaching role I’m not ready for!

Ah, the romance of gospel ministry.

Now, to find some more teachers…

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