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Day of encouragements

by on September 29, 2013

Such an encouraging day with the saints in Canterbury today. We were blessed by a visit from the Greaves family, who spent the day with us. We had a great boys bible study this morning, firing on all cylinders reading Mark 8 together. Haven’t heard how the girls went!

We had a good discussion about door to door visiting in our mission meeting time. Might even lead to some happening!

A shy italian neighbour, Anna, was bold enough to come for lunch. She stayed for hours! We enjoyed spaghetti bolognese from Dave and Colleen – in vast quantities!

We had some good visits to neighbours today, from Greece, Turkey, Nepal and Egypt.

We also heard today of another family that wants to partner with us in prayer and giving. Praise God!

At our gathering at 4 we were many of us touched and challenged by Jesus’ teaching about forgiving one another from the heart. Matthew 18: 21ff. Led to some good conversations and prayers afterwards about struggles with forgiveness. It was great to have visitors with us at the gathering today – adds to the joy. Especially the kids!

We thank God for the privilege of taking part in the ministry of his gospel in Canterbury.

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