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Sponsor our Mediterranean Day

by on October 20, 2013


Today, while the rest of Sydney goes unsuspecting about its business, the residents of Canterbury will be celebrating.

Yup, today is our Mediterranean Celebration Day. Hundreds of neighbours will be making their way to St Pauls Canterbury to share in the fun. There will be food from about twelve different countries, music, bocce, competitions, the works. Check out the flags in the photo!

And it’s costing us about $1500.

That’s money we don’t actually have. No problem, God has always provided for us in the past, we’re used to spending his money in advance!

YOU CAN SUPPORT this community outreach by donating money to help pay for it.

You can donate a small or a large amount. It’s very easy to do.

Just click here to find out details. Or click Sponsor the Mediterranean Day  on the dropdown menu above.

And whether or not you can PAY, you might be able to PRAY!  🙂

The good folks of Canterbury Community Church are all working hard today to host our community – and we very much appreciate your support and partnership. Thanks!

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