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Easiest ever first visit

by on November 25, 2013

Our team has been doing some training recently in how to visit neighbours. Yesterday Tom and I went to try out our new skills (!). We knocked on a door in the next street.

The woman who answered was Lebanese. She told us through the screen door, sorry my husband is not home. But when we told her we were from St Pauls church, she changed track. She opened the door, said, ‘Come in!’, ushered us into her living room, and told us, ‘I make you Lebanese food.’

Next thing we knew, all the cousins arrived, bringing mountains of oily fish and chips. We were guided to the table, sat down, and required to eat large plates of battered seafood. This was mid afternoon -we’d already had lunch! We couldn’t stop it happening, so we ate it for Jesus. My faith faltered when I was handed a VB, however. I just couldn’t face it. So I made my excuses: ‘I have to speak in church later’. Tom bravely took this burden from me.

During lunch we heard everyone’s life stories and all about the family. We were shown photos. We learned a couple of words in Arabic.

After lunch we thought it might be time to go. We were wrong. We were ushered out the back to the entertaining area, and served coffee. We heard all about Lebanon and how they came to Australia and how long they’d been in Canterbury and which schools the kids had gone to.

Finally, late for our own service, we managed to get away. I guess we stayed an hour and a half. We promised we’d invite them over to ours. We’ll need to keep that promise.

Door knocking isn’t always like that.

What was it that made this family welcome us in with open arms, even though the husband was out?

We know the secret. They’d been along to our Mediterranean Day a couple of months ago. They had a good time there, and they remembered us. (Actually they remembered Tom, not me!).

That was worth doing!

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  1. Praise God. Keep eating for Jesus, not a easy task always.

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