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by on February 8, 2014

I was just berated at length by my elderly neighbour for not visiting him and his wife in so long.

It’s probably been 2 months since I dropped in.

There are many hundreds of people in Canterbury who would like us to be visiting them. Sometimes they feel resentful if we don’t manage it.

How do I deal with this??

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  1. As Stuart Heath would say, you can love a few people many ways, and many people a few ways. Loving many people many ways isn’t possible. So all I can suggest is:

    1) Grow the body of Christ.
    2) Delegate. If joining people together is a job for the ‘hands’ of the body, then have this person meet some hands.
    3) If you are the only hand, does this visiting need prioritising? Or is it the best you can do?
    4) Are there ways of loving this neighbour that don’t take up the time of a ‘full visit’, such as ‘going over with a couple of coffees once a week and drinking them together’? Putting a time limit on something in that manner might help it be a known and limited expenditure of time and energy, rather than an open-ended one.
    5) Look to the wider body of Christ? Is there anyone else who could drop in regularly outside the church – if this person needs fellowship with someone more than they need fellowship specifically with you, does it really matter where it comes from?
    6) Would he and his wife accept a lift to church from someone in the team, and the catch-up chat that goes with it?
    7) Or an invitation to church lunch?

    • Thanks for these helpful suggestions, John. I especially like the first one! Five also has potential, if anyone out there would like to come and visit some friendly ‘unchurched’ Canterbury neighbours. Sadly their health is too poor for 6 and 7.

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